Growth Through Innovation

Open Innovation Enabler & Startup Accelerator

G2 Startups is an Innovation Enabler and a Startup Accelerator. G2’s Motto is Growth Through Innovation.

In a changing world, Innovation is the main driver of Social and Economic development, so G2 works inspired by the Open Innovation paradigm, applying it specifically through proven methods and processes and with a vision that puts business ecosystems at the center.

Customers are medium- to large enterprises and corporate enterprises that G2 supports to plan and implement their own innovation strategy and build their own Innovative Business Ecosystem,  helping them to continually innovate the business model, also by managing external innovation sources such as startups. In the strategic field, G2 helps customers understand how external drivers or “forces” such as Mega-trends, Technologies, Regulators and New Players can impact on their business and organization in terms of opportunity and/or threat.

The services and processes the company offers to its customers are: Innovation Advisory, Specific Open Innovation Programs, Calls for Innovation & Ideas, Hackathons, Set-up and Management of Innovation Hubs, Business Model Labs, Startup Acceleration Programs, Corporate Venture Capital Support.

What do we focus primarily on?

  • Assessment of external innovation, technology and trends scenarios
  • Understanding the potential of Digital Transformation and related opportunities
  • Development and implementation of new business models driven by open innovation, including the development of relevant ecosystems
  • Finding external innovation sources, Start-up scouting, and developing collaboration approaches
  • Development of effective Innovation Communities in the context of the Innovation Mindset and facilitating the growth of Innovation Mindset

G2 has its own Hub and Innovation Center in Milan, Italy : 1000 square meters and a dedicated digital innovation platform available for customers and startup.

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