We will make it so that innovation is “routine” for you.


Establishing a process and looking ahead.

Being a “Leader” means establishing an innovation process inside your organization, dominating the process and adapting your organization so that it is more rapid and efficient. All of the “formats” allow for a process to be launched that can be established and developed inside the company over time.

LWe will work together to:

  • Map problems as sources of opportunity.
  • Evaluate the impact of innovation strategies
  • Define KPIs to evaluate the innovation process.
  • Bring innovation to all of the various company functions
  • Implement evolved tools, Corporate Venture Capital approaches and rely on external sources of innovation.


Targeted activities, dedicated workshops, format that are specific and exclusive, transfer of skills and know-how to the internal team, managing processes via outsourcing , corporate venture capital, trends research, dedicated deal flow, dedicated accelerators, innovation labs, innovation challenges.

Start-ups: new players

  • Established businesses or informal groups
  • With an innovative idea that is highly scalable
  • With a desire to develop a “disruptive” business model
  • Seeking collaborations, partnerships, clients and funds
  • With a desire to change the rules of the game

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