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This is the path to be taken by companies that want to take the first steps in discovering how to approach the innovation process in a fruitful and sustainable way.

The Academy’s various modules are appointments with innovation, aimed at increasing and expanding skills. Overall, the Academy is like a “Master’s degree” in innovation, in order to be able to take it on, understand it and apply it in a concrete way.

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The Academy teaches about the culture of innovation via a type of learning that characterizes innovation as a fundamental strategic element for development. The ability to bring knowledge, methods and expertise to a company is a fundamental element for business, along with the creation of a widespread sense of entrepreneurship and inspirations that come from the outside. At The Academy, one learns how to evaluate innovative scenarios, trends, the level of maturity of one’s business and how to approach processes of technological transfer, taking inspiration from start-ups and other innovative organizations. At tThe Academy, looking at case studies and making correlations with one’s own objectives and needs is what helps speed up development. All of this takes place with innovative, inspirational meetings and exchanges.

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