Skills for bringing innovation to companies via concrete projects.


Carrying out the innovation process in a concrete way, stepping up the pace.

From theory to practice, in order to innovate products and services, discovering new markets, understanding start-ups and other sources of innovation, and how to make them a part of the process; rethinking the organization so that it is more effective and more in line with new necessities.

What we will do together.

  • Study innovation scenarios, trends and the vision as it pertains to your business
  • Map the organization and skills
  • New models for R&D
  • Work on internal case studies (products / services / market)
  • Set up a relationship with innovative organizations and start-ups in order to create “cross-pollination.”
  • Move from an “as is” Business Model to a “to be” Business Model
  • Introduce “Lean” approaches
  • Plan for a digital transformation
  • Actively move from a Product to a Product/Service System
  • Apply Open Innovation models

Making projects together

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